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Custom Screen Porch Construction
The benefits of adding a screen porch to your house.

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Why add a screened porch to your house?

When thinking of adding living space to your house, one of the best things you can add is a screened porch. But why?

  • Indoor and outdoor space

    A screened porch has the feel of being both an indoor and an outdoor living space. It can be an indoor space because it is enclosed and has a covered roof. It allows you to keep cooler on hot summer days by staying out of the sun, as well as giving protection from rain. You also simultaneously have an outdoor space, since the screens allow you to still feel the breeze and enjoy the sights and sounds of a summer thunderstorm, or smell the flowers in the garden. Another bonus with a screened porch is avoiding those pesky bugs and mosquitoes!

  • Versatile living space

    A screened porch can be used for many different things, making it one of the most versatile spaces in your home! Whether you decide to make it feel like an indoor space with couches or a dining table, or more like a patio, with outdoor seating pieces, a screened porch is wonderful for an additional living space. Or perhaps you are looking for a more relaxing feel, and want to put a hot tub on your new porch! Privacy curtains can also be added to make your new addition truly a secluded haven.

  • Added value

    Not only does a new screened porch add additional living space to your home, it also adds both aesthetic value and financial value. It is a smart decision in so many ways!

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How to Design Your Screen Porch

There are many things to consider when creating your screened porch: location, size, materials, layout and design.

  • Location

    Location needs to be considered. Will your porch be off of a family room, to enlarge the living space for your family? Or will you do an addition attached to the kitchen to allow for more entertaining space? Does the size and location of your yard need to be considered when locating a porch?

  • Size

    Size of your porch is another consideration. It should be in proportion to the size of your house, as well as any adjoining rooms. Having a very large screened porch on a small ranch house, for example, just doesn’t fit. Along with size, you need to determine the height of your ceiling. A smaller porch can accommodate a lower 8-foot ceiling, but a larger area needs more headroom in order to not appear too low.

  • Materials

    When thinking about materials, you need to choose whether you will use standard fiberglass screening, which is easy to install, is cost-efficient, and is flexible enough to stay stretched without creasing or denting, or whether you will decide on aluminum screening, which is more transparent visually, but can dent more easily and costs more than fiberglass.

  • Overall Design

    Overall design comes into play after the basic structure is created. This is the step when you can create your outdoor haven exactly the way you want! Do you want to add a TV to your space? Do you want plants to make it feel like you are truly outside? Whatever you choose, planning and designing your screened porch is an excellent way to create a new space in your home!

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