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Custom Balcony Construction
Add a Balcony to your Home!

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Why would you want to add a balcony?

When thinking of adding living space to your home, many various options come to mind. Perhaps an addition in the backyard to create an eat-in kitchen. Maybe a deck that can be used for parties and entertaining. But one of the easiest ways to add simple living space to your home or master bedroom is to add a balcony.

A balcony can be used for so many different purposes. A morning retreat with your hot cup of coffee, a place to grow a small garden, a romantic spot to dine with your loved one while you watch the sunset. Or even a place for the kids to play, so their toys don’t take over the house. Such a simple addition can add so much enjoyment to your life!

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What type of balcony should you get?

There are several options for types of balconies, and your house and living space will determine which is best for you. Choosing where on your home the balcony will be located is the first step. Do you want a balcony attached to the master bedroom as a private retreat? A more public space attached to a living room or family room, that both your family, as well as guests, can use? Or something more elaborate, like a wrap-around porch that will add plenty of living space to your home for years to come?

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General Contractor Services
Things to consider when adding a balcony

Regardless of what you decide, you need to think about several factors.

  • Location
    First, where will your access point be? You will need a wall that isn’t being used for another purpose (for example, you can’t use the only wall in your bedroom where your bed will fit!). Will a central location in the living room be a good place to access your balcony? Do you want to have more than one access point, connecting the balcony to more than one room?
    You must next choose what size you want your balcony to be. Will your home support a larger balcony for many people, or is a smaller, “Juliet” style right for you? How you plan to use your space will also help determine what size is right for you.

  • Material
    Material is another consideration when designing your balcony. Are you interested in a wood balcony, or something more modern such as metal? Is a glass balcony right for your family, or do you need to keep safety in mind for children? Do you want intricate designs, or something more simplistic?

  • Cost
    Cost to build a balcony, and possible permits needed for construction, will be final considerations when deciding how to move forward with your dream balcony. Most balconies average between $15 and $35 per square foot, depending on the exact specifications you choose for your new living space. Also, choosing the right contractor to complete your project is one of the most important aspects of the process. They will guide you through all the details, making sure the final product is exactly what you have dreamed of!

After you select a specific style, material type, or balcony size don't forget to call on Mill Run Builders! The Amish general contractors who can accomplish both aesthetic and financial goals when adding a new balcony to your home!

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