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Custom Gazebo, Pergola, & Pavilion Construction
Add a pergola, pavilion, or gazebo to your home today!

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What is a pergola?

A pergola is a large structure consisting of vertical posts to create a frame, which supports beams of latticework above. Pergolas do not have any solid walls as part of their design, and most are freestanding, although they may also be connected to the side of a house. A pergola can be constructed simply, with basic wooden beams for the frame and lattice crossbeams, or as elaborately as your imagination can create, with intricate details throughout. Because pergolas do not create any sort of shade or cover on their own, many people choose to add various types of vines to cover the lattice above, such as wisteria, royal trumpet vines, or Carolina Jessamine. Another option, when shade is desired, is to use a canopy over the pergola, which allows for some sun protection, as well as possible privacy. Strings of lights can also be added to the lattice beams to create an outdoor haven that everyone will want to enjoy! If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind pergola, give us a call!

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What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is very similar in many ways to a pergola, with the main differences in structure and function being the roof and the floor. With a pergola, there is no cover for shade or rain protection. This makes it less than ideal to use during particularly sunny days, or even rainy ones. A gazebo solves that problem with a roof, allowing for both shade, as well as cover during those sudden summer rainfalls. Gazebos are also usually freestanding, rather than connected to a house, and often have a solid floor, unlike a pergola which simply has a frame directly on the ground or patio. Gazebos can also offer built-in seating, with benches throughout the structure, for those relaxing evenings watching the sunset. They can also have partially closed sides, offering a bit more privacy than a pergola. Gazebos can come in several designs, including pop-up (portable, and can be put up and taken down easily), patio (a permanent structure in your yard or on your patio area), and grill (a covering to protect you and your grill from the elements). Whatever you choose, a gazebo is a wonderful way to enjoy nature in your backyard while still being protected from the sun or the rain. If you are ready to relax (romantically?) in a gazebo, contact our team today!

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General Contractor Services
What is a pavilion?

A pavilion has similarities to both pergolas and gazebos, but also has distinct differences. Similar to a pergola, a pavilion is supported by several posts to create the frame, but then acts more like a gazebo, with a solid roof. A gazebo is often octagonal in shape, whereas a pavilion is usually long and rectangular. Pavilions are meant to be a shelter for outdoor seating on a patio. A pavilion is also less visually intrusive than a gazebo, offering more clear sightlines throughout your yard.

When choosing between a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion, it is a good idea to decide where it will be placed (in a yard vs. over a patio), and how it will be used (do you need shade, or just aesthetic cover?), to make the best decision for your new addition! So don't delay, contact Mill Run Builders today!

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